by Fervor

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released April 3, 2016



all rights reserved


Fervor California

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Track Name: Predation of the Weary
Warfare, throwing rocks, the feckless are done.
The unfortunate stagger as order comes true.
My teeth sink deep into the flesh of injured prey.
Sweep them away to be fossilized.

Predation of the weary
The band of victors celebrates with fervor.
Stacking bones in conspicuous shapes,
to appease the gods.

At camp we gaze afar with bellies full,
picking our teeth of bipedal marrow.

Preferable hunters with finer tools
unknowingly leave an immortal legacy.

Predation of the Weary
Track Name: Mingled with Blood
The final skirmish has arrived, monarchs of ancient lineage.
Mobilize the peasant to fight the gentleman's war.
Hail and fire mingled with blood to grease the gears.
Flogging and mocking the humane and tender elements.

Heroism for 1000 generations, from primitives to world vanguard.
Scorn and rejection for the gentle way of life, a spiritual and ethical dead end.
The sacrality of struggle and turmoil merges the modern and ancient.
Track Name: Fervor
Pangs in the stomach, thirst on the tongue
Darkening of the divine

Threatening the world since time immemorial.
Add luster to the good, take the sting out of evil.